CompTIA DataSys+

Course Code : DS0-001

The CompTIA DataSys+ (DS0-001) certification exam certifies that the successful candidate has the knowledge and skills required to deploy, manage, and maintain databases, including employing the fundamentals of scripting and programming in a database environment while using security and business continuity best-practices.


Database Fundamentals

  • Understand database structure types while developing, modifying and running structured query language (SQL) code, providing the groundwork to gather, store, and drive data assets on any operating system.

Database Deployment

  • Compare and contrast the different aspects of database design and planning and explain the various phases of the implementation, testing, deployment and optimization of collected data.

Database Management and Maintenance

  • Learn the purpose of monitoring and reporting database performance, explain common database maintenance processes, and produce critical documentation.

Data and Database Security

  • Secure databases, protect against attacks, and control authorization while ensuring governance and regulatory compliance.

Business Continuity

  • Prepare for and recover from incidents by implementing best practices for disaster recovery, backup and restoration of database management systems
  • No prerequisites, but 2-3 years of experience in a database administrator role is recommended.
  • Database Administrator
  • Sr. Database Administrator
  • System Database Administrator
  • Task-Oriented Database Administrator
  • Application Database Administrator
  • Cloud Database Administrator
  • Specialist Database Administrator
  • Performance Database Administrator
  • Database Manager
1.1 Compare and contrast database structure types.
1.2 Given a scenario, develop, modify, and run SQL code.
1.3 Compare and contrast scripting methods and scripting environments.
1.4 Explain the impact of programming on database operations.
2.1 Compare and contrast aspects of database planning and design.
2.2 Explain database implementation, testing, and deployment phases.
3.1 Explain the purpose of monitoring and reporting for database management and performance.
3.2 Explain common database maintenance processes.
3.3 Given a scenario, produce documentation and use relevant tools.
3.4 Given a scenario, implement data management tasks
4.1 Explain data security concepts
4.2 Explain the purpose of governance and regulatory compliance
4.3 Given a scenario, implement policies and best practices related to authentication and authorization.
4.4 Explain the purpose of database infrastructure security
4.5 Describe types of attacks and their effects on data systems.
5.1 Explain the importance of disaster recovery and relevant techniques.
5.2 Explain backup and restore best practices and processes
Length of exam 90 minutes
Number of questions 90 questions
Question format Multiple choice and performance-based
Passing grade 700 (on a scale of 100 to 900)
Exam availability English
Testing center Pearson VUE Testing Center